Project Info:

Art Direction and Brand identity for High Tea Herbal Wraps for health-conscious and social-conscious urban millennials. The evolution of rolling has arrived! For consumers looking to expand their blunt wrap experience without the nicotine buzz of a tobacco wrap. High Tea is proud to create a non-tobacco and health conscious herbal wrap product to fulfill the demands of an exciting and emerging urban market.

My Role:

I conceptualized and created: branding, stationery, color schemes, displays, digital designs, packaging, UI/UX, brand guideline and promotional materials.

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Project Info:

Brand identity and web design for Veteran Empowerment Transition Training & Coaching. VET Training & Coaching is a veteran owned company founded by a Marine Corp Veteran. The organization’s mission is to equip ambitious transitioning veterans with the tools, resources, and strategies to live a high performing civilian life.

My Role:

As Art Director/Designer I conceptualized and created: Logo design, stationery, color schemes, brand guideline, UI/UX development, web design, market research, social media marketing graphics and promotional materials.


The main concept of the project was to communicate and relate directly with veterans about the difficulties of the transition from soldier to civilian life. My creative process centered on: bold type design, digital content organization, empowering images, signature program design, vibrant color schemes and intuitive call to action elements. I produced social media campaigns as a complementary outlet to give veteran access to the organization’s signature programs. This achievement led to a painless, confident and successful transition from soldier to the civilian community.


Project Info:

Brand identity and landing page design for Credence Cultural Center, an organization that catered to 55-plus senior citizens. The main focus of Credence is to enrich and provide senior citizens with an outlet to pursuit creative interests such as: language, music, design, visual arts, culture, food, performing arts, literature, history, religion and fashion.

My Role:

As Art Director/Designer I conceptualized and created: Logo design, slogans, stationery, color schemes, brand guideline, UI/UX development, landing page, market research, social media marketing graphics, digital forms, presentations and promotional materials.


I conducted an extensive research in the Baby Boomers’ younger days (Starting from 1940s, ending in 1960s) to find out what type of technology or trends impacted their lives in the most significant way. I discovered a trend starting in 1950s, which ended in the late 1960s that was very interesting to me. I analyzed that trend and decided to use it as the main concept to connect with Baby Boomers today. The trend that caught my attention was the Golden Age of Traveling. I noticed that most Baby Boomers were between the ages of 18 – 21 during that time. Traveling by land, air or sea was to them an exceptional and exciting experience. So I came up with this slogan “Embark on a New Adventure” with Credence Cultural Center as the vehicle that will take them on a creative cultural journey.


My Logo Design Process:

The first step of my logo creation always starts with a word map. The reason for starting with a word map is to focus my attention of the path or paths I will need to follow in order to reach the most effective and direct creative ideas. The second step is the production of sketches, icons, marks and doodles with step one in mind to keep me on track during my creative process. The last step is transferring the most promising sketches to Adobe Illustrator for further refinement.

This is the point where I would create multiple digital versions of the logo in Illustrator by manipulating: colors, scale, font sizes, font weights, textures, assets composition, icons orientation, assets reduction, type choices, proportion, contrast, balance and unity to see which versions work best visually with the initial direction that I attained during the word mapping process.


The most importing phase of the logo process is testing the different versions of the ideas that I executed in Illustrator and apply then to various forms media. This task will determine if the logo versions I created will translate well and consistently when displayed in different environments. Once the logo designs passes the consistency phase, they are ready to be presented to the client for revisions until the logo process is complete.


Project Info:

Cinematica is an Indie film publication with the purpose of providing high-level entertainment news to their readers. The format that Cinematica uses to bring premium contents to its consumers include: movie reviews, film director interviews, actor interviews, producer interviews, pre/post production tips, vfx tutorials, box office reviews, future film releases and indie movie events announcements and coverage.

My Role:

As Art Director/Designer I conceptualized and created:

Logo design, editorial/layout designs, advertising designs, color schemes, brand guidelines, UI/UX development, landing page design, market research and social media campaigns.


The circulation of Cinematica within the indie film circle brought enthusiasts closer to the latest happenings within the industry. Keeping consumers well informed is at the core of Cinematica’s mission. They believe that individuals who are exposed to their premium contents will be able to producing greater results if they decided to take part in the film industry.


Arbonne UI/UX Boutique Remodel

Arbonne has indicated the following issues as critical to the continued success and growth of the Arbonne Boutique.

Current Concerns

Outdated Portal, SSO Compliance, Coupon Codes, Dashboard Reporting, Poor User Interface.


As UI/UX Designer the proposed improvements to the Arbonne Boutique addressed all of the stated concerns above:

Updated portal platform and software infrastructure that addresses current shortcomings and still has ample bandwidth for future growth of new product type offerings, sales packages and site content.

The remodeled Boutique will feature SAML 2.0 for industry standard, best practice security and customer peace of mind.

Coupon codes will allow for a range of dynamic product rules, e.g. variable discounts across entire product collections, or down to single variants – in addition to standard functions like one-time use and expiring coupon codes.

Dashboard reporting will include industry standard metrics in addition to custom aggregated views to display a consultant’s recent order history, orders in progress and trending items from within the Arbonne community.

Boutique user interface will be greatly simplified and refined to an aesthetic that more closely mirrors leading fashion and cosmetic ecommerce stores.


Project Info:

Brand identity, marketing materials and brochure design for Bike Me custom bike shop. The concept of the bike shop revolves around customizing bicycles to fit the rider’s individual style from bespoke frames to the wheelsets. Bike Me’s philosophy place the customer in charge of fabrication of the bike’s design process in order to reach maximum satisfaction and performance.

My Role:

As Art Director/Designer I conceptualized and created:

Logo design, slogans, stationary, color schemes, brand guideline, landing page, market research, stationery materials, social media marketing graphics, and promotional materials.


Bike Me’s target market are Millennials, one thing they value the most is individuality. Millennials want to stand out and voice their preferences and individualities through the products that they buy. The shop’s founder saw that there was a need in the bicycle community for individualism. She decided to create a community style bike shop where people can express themselves creatively. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between customer’s personality and the products that they spend their hard earned money on.


I was a participant of 36 Days of type 2017 competition, which is a yearly open call inviting designers, illustrators and visual artists to share their view on the letters and numbers from our alphabet.