October 21, 2017

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: A New Hope for Haiti’s Economy

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The platform that supports Bitcoins drastically changed the way that people use money and manage assets in the digital world. Cryptocurrency is a disruptive technology that’s giving power back to the people by removing unwanted mediators from financial agreements and transactions. For the first time in history people have access to a truly secure and decentralized form of digital currency created by the Blockchain system.

I am a strong believer in the technological and philosophical infrastructure of Blockchains. The most interesting feature of this innovative technology is the fact that decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are swiftly removing the centralized power from the tight grips of world governments and traditional banks. I believe that cryptocurrency has the capability to positively and efficiently restructure Haiti’s economic future. It is very mind-boggling to me that during the Information Age according to the CIA World Factbook: 40.6% of Haitians are unemployed and 58.5% of the population lives below the poverty line. There’s no doubt in my mind that the only way Haiti’s economy will flourish in the 21st century is by adopting current cryptocurrencies or creating its own digital currency backed by the secure Blockchain platform.

The lack of technological infrastructures and innovations are the principal hindrances to Haiti’s economic progress. The fact that only 12-15% of Haitians (1,282,686 people) have access to the internet is an obvious indicator that there are a lot of hard work to be done. These are indeed major tasks that Haiti’s future generations will have to shoulder and resolve on their own. Now is the ideal time for Haitian citizens along with willing and passionate participants around the developed world to help steer Haiti’s economic and technological future in a sustainable direction.

As a proud Haitian, I can no longer shiftlessly stand on the sidelines and let the rest of the world overlook the harsh and hopeless economic realities that my fellow Haitians are facing on a daily basis. We should all be aware of this problem in order to make a meaningful revolutionary change. Now is the time for all brilliant minds around the world to come together and figure out a practical solution to remedy Haiti’s economic health through the Blockchain system.

I’m calling on: computer programmers, graphic designers, engineers, mobile app developers, economists, database administrators, businessmen, businesswomen, IT managers, web developers, software developers, research analysts, political scientists and fintechs creators to the challenge of the century; to introduce a powerful method to disrupt the archaic power structures’ stranglehold on the Haitian people’s economic and technological advancement.

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