July 21, 2016

Inspiration is Key X Brix Zoe


The word “inspiration” is certainly overused in this day and age. As a Graphic Designer I thrive on finding the next inspirational piece of art, design, technology or architecture. The web and social media make it really easy to get access to countless sources of inspiration daily. The hard part about having so much access to the world is; how to process it all. My solution to this issue is picking one or two pieces of inspiration a week and really digest their stories, messages, creative processes  and perspectives on life. I am a frequent user of Instagram because it is booming with creativity and excitement. There is one particular page that has been inspiring me for the past couple of weeks, the handle for that page is @Brix_Zoe (Instagram).


I am a big fan of photography, because it gives a photographer the ability to capture a story or send a powerful message in one still frame. Brix Zoe, the photographer is located in Queens, New York. His ability to capture the daily grind and stories around The Five Boroughs with just his iPhone is captivating and powerful. His ability to get the viewers involved in the frame is genius. I love the way that he was able to seek out textures and contrasting color palettes from the subjects in his photos. His use of perspective makes the framing of his photographs disappear and leaves you fully immersed in New York’s magical and eclectic Five Boroughs.



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