May 16, 2017

My Logo Design Process


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.12.39 AM

The first step of my logo creation always starts with a word map. The reason for starting with a word map is to focus my attention of the path or paths I will need to follow in order to reach the most effective and direct creative ideas. The second step is the production of sketches, icons, marks and doodles with step one in mind to keep me on track during my creative process. The last step is transferring the most promising sketches to Adobe Illustrator for further refinement.


This is the point where I would create multiple digital versions of the logo in Illustrator by manipulating: colors, scale, font sizes, font weights, textures, assets composition, icons orientation, assets reduction, type choices, proportion, contrast, balance and unity to see which versions work best visually with the initial direction that I attained during the word mapping process.



The most importing phase of the logo process is testing the different versions of the ideas that I executed in Illustrator and apply then to various forms media. This task will determine if the logo versions I created will translate well and consistently when displayed in different environments. Once the logo designs passes the consistency phase, they are ready to be presented to the client for revisions until the logo process is complete.




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