July 31, 2015

PM Book Review – The War of Art



The War of Art

When I was seven months into my first movie script I encountered one of the worst obstacles ever, writer’s block. I’ve tried several methods to overcome this creative blockage. I’ve meditated, read several motivational books, started long boarding, and even took long walks at the local parks in search of inspiration in nature, but none of these techniques worked. I started to lose hope. I even thought about abandoning the project. But one afternoon I was on my computer vaguely searching the web for one last solution. I came across a book called The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield. For some indescribable reason the title captured me, and I proceeded to reading the synopsis of the book to see if its contents aligned with the remedy I was searching for. I was floored and excited after reading the book’s synopsis, the author’s approach (Steven Pressfield) spoke to my soul, I knew that The War of Art was a book that I MUST own.

After purchasing the book, I took it with me everywhere. I just couldn’t set it down. Steven Pressfield’s thought process and personal story was very captivating, he managed to show me that the art of creation is a war, we must not run away when we face the enormous responsibilities and tribulations that come with the gift of creative expression. I learned that we have to press on no matter how tough the creative process gets. Reading the book has enabled me to overcome my writer’s block and I completed my script within four months. We must be honest with ourselves when we are embarking on new a creative journey and know that we have to master ourselves before defeating the greatest foe of all, which is FEAR.


If you’re looking for a remedy for your creative blockage you get The War of Art here



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