Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: A New Hope for Haiti’s Economy

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 4.34.41 AM

The platform that supports Bitcoins drastically changed the way that people use money and manage assets in the digital world. Cryptocurrency is a disruptive technology that’s giving power back to the people by removing unwanted mediators from financial agreements and transactions. For the first time in history people have access to a truly secure and decentralized form […]

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My Logo Design Process


The first step of my logo creation always starts with a word map. The reason for starting with a word map is to focus my attention of the path or paths I will need to follow in order to reach the most effective and direct creative ideas. The second step is the production of sketches, […]

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Inspiration is Key X Brix Zoe


The word “inspiration” is certainly overused in this day and age. As a Graphic Designer I thrive on finding the next inspirational piece of art, design, technology or architecture. The web and social media make it really easy to get access to countless sources of inspiration daily. The hard part about having so much access […]

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PM Designs X Michael Wilson – Interview


  Witness yesterday’s dreams realized into today’s reality with Michael Wilson   Hey Michael, thanks for dropping by man. When the pain of discouragement strikes us to our core, would you say that we have to call the Cool Kids from Morphine City to the rescue? What was the inspiration for your company’s name: Cool […]

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